It all started when...

I'm a Philadelphian, born and raised, and I love this city along with its surrounding areas!  As a youngster, I would hop on Septa, taking the Market-Frankford Line connecting to the Orange Line to catch a Phillies game, I’d ride my bike with friends to Wissahickon Park or to visit many of Philadelphia’s museums but the Zoo being my all-time favorite place to go!   As a young adult, I spent my time playing sports at Fairmount Park, enjoying happy hours in Conshohocken and attending classes at Penn State – Abington; I wouldn’t trade this area for any other.

For the past 13 years I have worked as a consultant saving money for numerous Fortune 500 companies and billion dollar brands that are household names.  During this time, I acquired skills such as market analysis, competitive bidding, and trust based negotiation techniques, yet I still felt compelled to have a greater impact on the people that I call neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family.  So I became a real estate agent and haven't looked back.  

What am I here to do?

·  Help you identify the right home when you’re ready to buy.

·  Maximize returns when you’re ready to list.

·  Uncover investment opportunities when you’re ready to        diversify.

·  Promote trust based negotiations – if it is not a win/win, then we keep working.


Why am I doing this?

·  I love, love, love real estate!!  And I love the Philadelphia Area.

·  To make a difference in my local market and community by helping my clients enjoy the same success that I have with real estate.

·  To pass along the knowledge and vision that comes with being a veteran of countless home renovation and remodeling projects.  It's all about potential!